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Links to related web sites

Hereafter you will find some links to web sites. These are web sites related to the family tree information that is available on this site. The web sites are listed in alphabetical order based on the family trees of this site (Berends ... Zaal). All sites are in Dutch unless stated otherwise.

An interesting site made by Jeroen & Gerdien Nikkels containing information about the paper-mills on the Veluwe and the process of making paper. In addition to that you will find genealogical data of those paper-makers, who incidentally had the habit of intermarrying, and the paper-mills on which they worked.

MOSTERT (Berends)
A genealogical summary of the Mostert family by S. & S.J. Mostert. Wouter Jan Berends (1895-1977) married in 1920 with Adriana Mostert (1899-1975).

RUITENBEEK (de Bruijn & Pruijt)
A site made by Evelien van Ruitenbeek with family trees from various Ruitenbeek families. Grietje Jacoba Pruijt (1914-1978), daughter of Willem Marcelus Pruijt and Jannigje de Bruijn, married in 1938 with Albertus Willem Ruitenbeek (1904-1974). Click HERE for the correct page with that marriage and then search (with Ctrl-F) for "Pruijt" or "Bruijen" (not Bruijn).

SCHUIJFFEL (Frankruijter) in English
Karel Nickel has published the genealogy of the Schuijffel (Schuiffel, Schuyffel etc.)-family on the FamilyTreeMaker web site. Joanna Catharina (Catharina Joanna) Frankruijter (1766-1837) married in 1787 to Leopoldus Joannes Schuijffel (1759-1849). Both their fathers were military man of German descent in States service (State = the Republic of the Seven United Netherlands). Karel Nickel's family member Patrique Schuijffel also published information on the internet. Click HERE to see his web site.

VAN SCHAIK (Frankruijter)
F.M.A. van Schaik is working on a genealogical project to map out all the Van Schaik's in the Netherlands and his web site is a result thereof.Catharina Frankruiter (1823-1903) married in 1851 with Joseph van Schaik (1825-1893). Catharina is one of the rare Frankruijter's whose name is written was an i instead of a ij (Dutch y); an error at the time of the civil registration of her birth. Click HERE to go directly to the page in question.

TROMP (Frankruijter) in English
A genealogy web site of the family Tromp originally from Groningen (province). The maker of the site descends from Tromp's that have emigrated to Canada. In the Tromp family tree one can find four generations of Frankruijter's. The eldest being Johannes Nicolaas Frankruijter (1785/1786-1828) married with Susanna (Allegonda) van der Vlis (1786-?). Click HERE to go directly to the right page.

JONES/RUITER (Frankruijter) in English
A rather technical genealogy web site with the descendants of Frederikus Frankruijter (ca. 1843-1894) who emigrated with his youngest son Fransiscus Frederikus (1882-1956) to Chicago in about 1893. There they changed their family name into "Ruiter". Interestingly the wife of Frederikus, Stientje Meijer, died in the Netherlands in 1911. So either she did not emigrate or she repatriated.

DIJKXHOORN (Frankruijter) in English
The American Jacob C. "Jack" Dykxhoorn maintains a web site with information on Dijkxhoor/Dykxhoorn families. Simon Frankruijter (1941-) married in Georgetown (Canada) Maria "Rita" Dijkxhoorn (1939-), they can be found HERE. More information about related Dijkshoorn's can be found on the web site of Pim Ooms (in Dutch); the genealogy info is HERE.

VAN DER WERFF (Garrelds)
H.J. van der Werff has a web site with various family trees. One of them is of the Garrelds family. That family tree corresponds with the family tree of the Garrelds on this web site. Other family trees are Brger, Brouwer, Erenst, Fikkers, Hansen, Koning, Korthuis, Kuitema, de Maar, Mol, Rietsema, van Ring, Steenhuis, Vosters and (of course) Van der Werff.

GOMES (Oepts) mainly in English
Rob Gomes has a large genealogical database with lots of families that have roots on the island of Texel. Sometimes going far back in time. Here you will find G.M.(Truus) Oepts married to Cornelis Kolder. Of the latter there are many ancestors to be found .

RIJERKERK (Pruijt) also in English
Another gigantic database. This time by Cock & Marij Rijerkerk. Many families of South Holland are to be found here. Geertje Pruijt (1866-1933) married in 1889 with Jacob van Limborgh (1866-?). Their daughter Wilhelmina van Limborgh married with Johannes Houweling. Some of his ancestors can be traced back to the 13th century.

A web site made by and akk about the Noorlander family. Barend Pruijt (1844-1922) married in 1871 with Willemina Wapens (1850-1926), daughter of Marcelis Wapens (1802-1881) and Barbara Noorlander (1813-1859).

A web site about a specific Wielinga-family of the city of Sneek. It concerns the decendants and ancestors of Bocke/Bokke Douwes Wielinga. Outstanding about this family (at least for the northern province they lived in) is their roman-catholic religion.

J.J.G. SCHENK (Schenk)
A web site by J.J.G. Schenk in which you will find the family tree of "our" Schenk family. Based upon the standard work of ms. W. Schenk (1970) to which information from personal sources regarding the descendants of the youngest son of Louis Schenk ("branch #5" in the standard work), i.e. Hendrik Jan Schenk (1859-1938), have been added.

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